Sunday, August 9, 2015

MyNotes: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


I have finally reached feature parity (gratuitous buzzword usage) with the last released version of MyNotes. That leaves me at a big decision point.  I can either keep working on new features:

  • Table UI designs
  • Share Features
  • Voice control
  • Photo Notes
  • Android M updates

or I can begin prepping to release.

I still have to do a lot of unit test updates (the gift that keeps on giving…) before I make my choice.  So that gives me some time, but I will have to decide soon.  It would be nice to have it back on the market, but I am really tempted to get the tablet design working first.

I haven’t pushed the latest round of changes yet.  I want to get those pesky unit tests whipped back into shape first.  I should be able to do that within a couple of days(hopefully/maybe?).

Which leads to my next decision : what should my next blog entry be about: Observer\Obsversable pattern, Compound Custom Views, or ViewAnimators(ViewFlipper/ImageSwitcher)… 

We will all know that when I finish the unit tests and find time to write it.

I think I also need to find a new Plugin for formatting code on the blog.  I am really not happy with the current one I am using,  Maybe I will figure that out by my next post also…

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